Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Bottle Butts - 32 and 40 oz

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Our Story

My family has used reusable water bottles for many years, and when I dropped my Hydro Flask and put dent in it I went looking for some protection. I couldn't find any boots or sleeves for my bottle. I couldn’t believe no one else had a protective boot for the Trail Series Hydroflasks! So using our engineering backgrounds, we decided to make our own and share with other outdoor enthusiasts - meet BottleButts™!

View of black BottleButt from the top


We quickly realized that without some help our bottles were going to start getting dinged up and looking pretty ragged. Concrete and rocks had us holding on to our bottles tightly, corners on benches and tables started looking like hazards we had to do something. Bottle Butts are designed thicker to help resist and absorb impacts.

A BottleButt can help provide structure to the bottom of the bottle in case you already dinged it up before you found us and can cover up any oops's you may have already made.

View of black BottleButt from the side

Ease of Use

When we started looking for protection, it was so confusing on what would fit and what wouldn't. We'll let you know which brand and size bottle works with which BottleButt. No guessing or assuming 'round here.

There are times when you do want to remove the BottleButt. That's why there is a small hole in the bottom. This allows air to escape while installing (preventing pressure) and air to enter while removing (preventing vacuum).

The design makes installation and intentional removal a breeze while hindering the ability for the BottleButt to perform a rapid unplanned separation from your possession.


Everyone is different and that's why we have BottleButts in different colors, so that you can express yourself however you want.

Eco-Friendly, Dishwasher Safe

We make our BottleButts out of high quality silicone that's BPA free and food safe. We're not saying you will want to eat out of it...but you could.

It's dishwasher safe because...well who wants to wash stuff by hand? (it uses more water anyway)